August 3, 2014


I just got back from a weekend with my family. My sisters and I made a few videos while I was there. We would love if you checked them out on youtube. Hopefully soon that link on the right will start working and it will give all the info to the music we make together. 

Singing with my sisters has been such a pleasant surprise. I don't know about them but I have a lot of fun with it. Not to mention it's really therapeutic to write out certain ancient experiences from my life in a song. Something I always wanted to be able to do but haven't until now. And someday I know they'll appreciate the breakup songs more.


  1. Music is always a big support!! :)
    Great shot!

  2. your little sister is literally the cutest.
    the little diary

  3. My daughter and I have sung under the gazebo at the fairgrounds park in GJ when we walk. The acoustics are wonderful.

  4. I'd give my last penny to buy your wonderful music. :)

  5. You and your sisters have such lovely voices. I wish I had a sister to sing with :)

    Nicole /