December 15, 2014


Today I turn 25 years old. I am in denial about this fact. I just cannot possibly be that old. But here we are. As per tradition, let's look over this last year.

A lot has happened this year that I am proud of. 24 will be known as the year I officially became an adult with a grip on what that means for me and my life. I was just faking it before and half waiting for someone to step in and take care of things for me. This year I started asking questions and developing my own opinions. I started making important decisions and pushing to get what I wanted and needed. 

I said goodbye to The Secret Life Of Bee. I recognized that a good thing had lost its goodness and I moved on from it. I created a new platform for my work and I still feel really refreshed by it. 

I took myself to a doctor to help along the process of getting pregnant. I have great communication with my doctor and nurse because I've insisted on it. I've pushed to get tests done and prescriptions filled and fixed and refilled. I'm pushing to get the things I want instead of being angry that they're not happening on their own.

This year I stepped out of my comfort zone in different ways and it's only brought good. I've pushed for new friendships with wonderful women. I opened my heart to love and serve a sweet baby girl that is not my own. I started singing with my sisters and it has been challenging but worth it. I watched a butt ton of Law & Order: SVU and can recite the opening monologue by memory which is a thing I am very proud of. 

24 was not what I expected at all but everything I needed. Show me what ya got, 25.


  1. Your 24 seems like my's not too bad being a quarter of a century old, I promise! ;]

  2. Happy Birthday Bri!! I hope this next year you get all that you wanted :)

  3. Happy birthday! 25 is fun... I freaked out when I turned 25, but I promise you will enjoy it. Keep pushing for the things you want out of life! It takes boldness and strength, but I believe you have both of those. Enjoy your day!

    - Sarah

  4. Happy birthday! I am turning 25 in less than a month and I feel very similar sentiments so far. Making my own opinions this year, doing things for me instead of being angry that they aren't being done. Bravo - I think we're both doing awesome.

  5. the happiest birthday :) I'm 25 in a few months too.

  6. Oh Bri, I wish you all the best. I sort of fell in love with you and your blog, with your photographs being as subtle as your looks. Beautiful.

  7. you have an awesome blog!