May 23, 2015

5 Years

The downside of shooting film is having to wait to get the pictures. But at the same time, it's also wonderful because you usually get to say, "OH, I forgot I took that one!"

Last month was our 5 year anniversary and Jordan surprised me with a trip to Manitou Springs. I took mostly film while we were there that I have yet to develop. So here is the one good digital shot I got. It was such a good weekend. Take me back. 

Also, 5 years? Our marriage is a child starting kindergarten! That's insane. I've been learning a lot about myself lately. Reading up on things like PMDD and also Highly Sensitive People. It's been incredibly validating and allowed me to be kinder to my body. It's also opened my eyes to how perfectly matched Jordan and I are. Opposites attract, right? He is everything I'm not and I'm everything he isn't. We balance and complement. 

We have been through a lot in these five years and we've barely scratched the surface. But I can't be scared (well not TOO scared) because I know we are matched. It's a match we could not have made so perfectly with our limited knowledge. We meant to be, baby.


  1. How cool that you guys are each other's complements! I am not married yet but I think it will be super exciting to see how my personality will mesh with someone else's one day. Also, awesome photo!

  2. I love what you said so much about you and Jordan. And now I want to go there.