June 6, 2015


It probably wasn't the smartest idea to start a new sketch (collage) book, yet alas. I decided I wanted to have a book that was more deliberate. This book doesn't allow for impulsive gluing or any "we'll just see where this goes" moments. I'm forcing myself to take my time and be absolutely sure about things I want to create and say. Maybe the practice will help in other areas of my life. I can only hope. 


  1. I really admire your work! It's a big talent to put those scraps all together in such a thing.

  2. My favorite is the man in the Campbell's can. And now I want soup!

  3. Bri, I love your blog dearly. Everything you post is so stunning. I was curious, how do you size your images to make them the same width as your blog column? Thanks in advance; keep up the beautiful posts <3