May 5, 2017

words on forgiveness

My heart is achey and torn. There is a drastic dichotomy between my two worlds of faith and reality about the concept of forgiveness. Our instant access to information has created a constant knee jerk reaction to even the most minor incident we don't find agreeable. It's one video taken by a stranger gone viral; one post given enough negative attention (but not surprisingly very much information) and we're all OUTRAGED. Off with his head! --"I will NEVER shop at that store again!" --"I will never pay to support that [actor, artist, company] again! And anytime they come up in conversation, I will bring this incident up! AND I will harass them in the streets and online until the end of time! They should lose their job! How dare they ever show their face anywhere ever again!" This is the world we have created. We live in fear of being the next big story, the next mistake. A mistake that will follow us for the rest of our lives.

But I believe in a God of perfect forgiveness, perfect atonement. On sunday we discuss that there is nothing we can do that cannot be made clean and forgiven in full. The rest of the week I watch the world rip apart one imperfect person after another. Whether you believe in a God or a Savior, there is one thing that will always be true: we are forever going to make mistakes. I hope the people in my life will allow me the space to make my mistakes to learn and be better after. That is what all of this is for, right?

Forgiveness is a choice. It's not required for us to join the mob with their pitchforks and angry faces. I don't believe any one person to be inherently evil. We're all just people trying our best and learning as we go. The sentiment "you never know what someone is going through" has never been more relevant. We have a false sense of complete information with modern technology. We're always seeing the smallest piece of a whole story. I'm raising a voice to say be slow to anger and choose forgiveness.

And i'd have the world know my truth of a real and living Savior that heals and covers ALL even in this harsh and merciless world.

[This is not in response to any one specific event and NOT a response to anything political]


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