July 12, 2018

Friends Trivia: Season 1 and 2 by Bri Lamkin

I have never met a Friends trivia worth my expertise, so I decided to make my own. The only real bummer is that I will never be able to take it myself seeing as how I already know all the answers now. To play, I suggest you write your answers honestly on a piece of paper. No google. The answers are at the bottom of this post so no peeking if you want to take this serious. I give you season one and two Friends trivia by yours truly.


1. In the pilot, Barry’s last name is different than the one used in the rest of the series. What is it?

2. What are the original apartment numbers (Chandler's and Monica's)?

3. What object did Rachel say she realized she was more attracted to than Barry?

4. Where was Rachel supposed to go on her honeymoon with Barry?

5. What is Carol’s partner’s full name?

6. Where did Ross think their family dog had been taken when his parents had actually put him to sleep?

7. What was the name of Monica and Ross’s family dog?

8. Chandler started smoking again in season 1, how long had it been since he last smoked?

9. What is the task that Rachel said if she could figure out, she could do anything?

10. What did Phoebe say she’d do if she were omnipotent for a day?

11. What is the name and profession of the woman that Joey Tribbiani Sr was having an affair with?

12. What gift did the bank give phoebe after they mistakenly credited $500 to her account?

13. What is Carol’s profession?

14. What is Barry’s profession?

15. What is Joey’s name on the poster for VD?

16. What ski town was Rachel supposed to go for Thanksgiving in season 1?

17. How did Ross want his potatoes at Thanksgiving in season 1?

18. What were the other two kinds of potatoes made that year?

19. What is the name of the restaurant that Ursula works at?

20. What scrabble tiles did Marcel get stuck in his throat?

21. In the last game of poker the friends play, what is Rachel’s final hand?

22. Name at least one thing that the woman that stole Monica’s credit card purchases with her card

23. What stage name did Phoebe suggest to Joey?

24. What zoo did Marcel get sent to live in?

25. Where did Ross get the name Ben?

26. Besides Ross’s gift, what presents do we see Rachel open at her birthday party in season 1?


1. Who did Monica want her hair cut like?

2. Who did Phoebe mistake for who Monica wanted her hair cut like?

3. What is Ross allergic to?

4. What is Richard’s ex wife’s name?

5. Joey is competing with the hombre man spritzing cologne at the mall, what is the name of the cologne he sprays?

6. What is the name of the hombre man?

7. What instrument did Mr Heckles play in high school band?

8. What is Mr Heckles first name?

9. Who was Julie’s second grade teacher?

10. The woman on the phone that thinks Chandler is Bob mentions that her legs are on a movie poster, what movie is it?

11. When Joey and Chandler bought everyone’s Christmas gifts at the gas station, what did they get Rachel?

12. What is Russ’s job?

13. What is the name of the movie Marcel is in?

14. What did Joey engrave on the bracelet he had made for Chandler?

15. Joey pays Monica to eat a jar of olives. How much did he owe her?

16. What was Monica’s prom date’s name?

17. Monica's prom date was in the paper for seeing Star Wars how many times?

18. When Ross and Rachel are on the date in the planetarium, he has two flavors of juice box, what are they?

19. When Ross and Monica are fighting over what to watch on TV, what are the different shows they want?

20. List at least two of the words that Joey uses from the word of the day toilet paper.

21. After Joey loses his job on Days of Our Lives, Estelle gets him an audition with a different show. Name the show and role.

22. What is Ben’s first word?

23. When Joey gets a job at Chandler’s office, what are the names of his family that he makes up?

*******ANSWERS BELOW*******

Answers Season 1:

1. Finkle
2. 4 (Chandler) and 5 (Monica)
3. A gravy boat
4. Aruba
5. Susan Bunch
6. The Milner’s farm in Connecticut
7. Chi-chi
8. 3 years
9. Her own laundry
10. World peace, no more hunger, good things for the rainforest, and bigger boobs
11. Ronnie, taxidermist
12. a football phone
13. Teacher
14. Orthodontist
15. Mario
16. Vail
17. Mashed with lumps
18. Tater tots and whipped with peas and onions
19. Riff’s
20. K, M, and O
21. Full house
22. Tickets to plays, horseback riding in the park, classes at the new school, art supplies
23. Flame boy
24. San Diego zoo
25. The janitor uniform phoebe put on
26. Fruit basket, travel scrabble, Dr Seuss book/oh the places you’ll go

Answers Season 2: 

1. Demi Moore
2. Dudley Moore
3. Lobster, kiwi, peanuts
4. Barbara
5. Bijan for men
6. Todd
7. Clarinet
8. His first name is never given
9. Miss Thomas
10. James Bond
11. Wiper blades
12. Periodontist
13. Outbreak 2: the virus takes Manhattan
14. “To my best bud”
15. $2.95
16. Roy Gublick
17. 317
18. Cran-apple and cran-grape
19. Entertainment Tonight and Predators of the Serengeti
20. Cache, jaunty, judgmental, condescending, pedantic
21. Another World, cab driver #2
22. Hi
23. Karen-wife, kids-Ashley and Brittany 

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